Managers & Teams

Achieving better communication and cooperation in the application security workplace.

Development Managers and their teams - improving product development

Our solutions provide practical identification, management and control of your application secuirty risks, together with insight into and the improvement of the security knowledge and skills of your application development staff.

  • Empowering


    Skilled staff with the tools and skills to improve security through threat model automation, training, access to a security knowledge base supported with enhanced processes & practices.

  • Faster


    Knowledgeable and skilled development staff together with automated threat modelling reduces the time to market with better quality software.

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    A range of integrated solutions to enable risks to be identified, understood, acted on, and mitigated against within application development.

  • Confidence


    Full visibility and control over the implementation of countermeasures together with application or portfolio Residual Risk status.

To even approximate bulletproof code, architects, engineers, auditors, and managers should try to imagine everything that could go wrong with every aspect of the code. Although it's impossible to anticipate every nasty attack, you have to take a pragmatic approach to reduce risk, and avoid a potential breach. Our approach covers People Process and Technology:


  • CMD+CTRL Cyber Range –identifies the additonal skills needed to deliver secure applications.
  • AppSec Training –provides your software development teams with computer-based training that encompasses the latest industry best practices.
  • ISPA – developed to protect organisations and their key sensitive information ISPA (Information Security & Privacy Awareness) educates and drives behavioural change in the organisations’ weakest link… their employees.


  • Process and Technology Assessments – Intelligent assessment of application security practices to uncover vulnerabilities, deliver insight into your process robustness.
  • Attack Simulation – Our engineers conduct attacks on your IT infrastructure. Identify good & appropriate Appsec practices as well as uncover gaps and weaknesses to minimise threats.
  • Application Testing – From initial planning to final delivery, in-house or outsourced. Ensure App Security Test Costs match your Risk Profile.


  • SRA – Security Risk Advisor reduces the time and cost to product a detailed Threat Model, and manages application risk throughout the SDLC.

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