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Understand and control the risks your application poses to your organisation.

Data security for organisations

Our Enterprise Solution provide a pragmatic approach to securing your organisation from internal and external attacks.

  • Competitiveness


    Deliver applications to market quicker and more secure through the use of tools to support an efficient operation.

  • Reduced risk

    Reduced risk

    Underpin the activities and aims contained in your security policy & strategy through effectively risk management and training.

  • Advantage


    Using industry standards, training and knowldegbase to ensure threats are minimised.

  • Security Awareness

    Security Awareness

    Protect your enterprise's data privacy and drive security through education and behavioural change of employees.

  • Cost avoidance

    Avoid data privacy breach cost, such as a reduction in legal fees, time taken to rectify data breach and application rework.

  • Improved strategy

    Understand what areas of your application portfolio are exposing you to attack, and formulate a counter plan.

Data Privacy & Protection are essential in today's digital world. Directors, executives, and department heads looking to improve security practices throughout their entire organisation, meet regulatory requirements and reduce risk. At the same time balancing the need to manage costs, improve the quality and delivery time of applications.

Management Benefits

  • View Inherent, Projected, and Residual Risk profile of all applications or portfolios
  • Live updates on counter measure status and progress
  • Application security ROI
  • Measured application Risk
  • Manage the cost of application security

Operational Benefits

  • Reduced security risk from employees through an enterprise information and security privacy awareness training
  • Reduce the need for expensive resources through Automated Threat Modeling
  • Security knowledgeable and skilled application development staff through CBT
  • Deliver applications quicker with cyber defence tools to support development
  • Reduced application rework by providing industry standards and code for the development community
  • Improve efficiency though identifying strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in security processes and practices

Enterprise Security Solutions

Training - Our training solutions are targeted achieve a secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), which feed into one another to create an ecosystem of repeatable, secure software development and deployment. More info...

Software - offers a reference to quickly and consistently develop your Threat Model; Understand what needs to be done to Model, Measure, Respond and Monitor your application security risk. More info...

Awareness - to protect organisations and their key sensitive information, we educate and drive behavioural change in the organisations weakest link… their employees. More info...

Assessments - Intelligent assessment of application security practices to uncover vulnerabilities, deliver insight into the robustness of your process. More info...

Attack Simulations - our engineers will conduct attacks on your IT infrastructure. Identify good & appropriate Appsec practices as well as uncover gaps and weaknesses to minimise threats. More info...

Managed Testing - from initial planning to final delivery, in-house or outsourced. Ensure App Security Test Costs match your Risk Profile. More info...

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