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To know your enemy, you must become your enemy - "Sun Tzu"

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Build security skills in an exciting new way

Unique to the industry, are our interactive cyber ranges where staff compete to find vulnerabilities in real life business applications in real-time – learning quickly, that attack and defense are about thinking on your feet, creativity and adaptability. Find out more about our Cyber Range. and how it fits into Attack and Defend

Users include Microsoft and Accenture

How does it work?

  • We provide all the information you need to set up access to our cyber range and after a short introduction in how it works, we open up the web site for you to attack
  • Events can be run during the week, over weekends, evenings or any specified time period
  • Points are scored for the different vulnerabilities found, with Cheat Sheets and Hints provided to help you make the most of the experience
  • A live scoreboard is used to track progress of your teams and to engender competition and teamwork
  • Break out sessions, hosted by us, will delve into SQL injection and other topics like XSS to enhance understanding of these and other hacking techniques

What do you get from it?

  • Gamification approach to Education
  • Develop your evil streak
  • Learn about web app vulnerabilities
  • Prizes are awarded for the most points scored

  • Specific range of suggested training courses for each person taking part, based on found vulnerabilities

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What people say about our CMD+CTRL Cyber Range:

“Loved how creative it was. Surprisingly interesting.”

“Eye opening to see how SQLi actually works/looks.

All I’d been taught before was the theory and how to mitigate. The chance to hack someone else’s code, usually not possible and not easy to hack your own code.”

“I realized how easy it is to introduce problems with lazy programming practices (e.g. robots.txt).”

“I realized that I have written vulnerable code myself.”

“I realized that this information is not being taught in university and it should be.”

“There is a mix of older and younger developers here. Did you notice that guy on the left side of the room who was answer so many questions, totally engaged. He’s been here for 18 years, it was amazing to see him so interested and having so much fun.”

“Felt like we were a team of hackers trying to get into North Korea or something like that.”

“Most fun, engaging training I’ve ever attended.”

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