AppSec training and code knowledgebase

A comprehensive approach to delivering offensive and defensive skills.

A unique approach to Application Security Risk Management

Within TEAM Academy we offer the industry’s largest application security library with our range and depth of CBT Security e-Learning courses (TEAM Professor™), supported by a context driven Secure Coding Knowledgebase (TEAM Mentor™) to ensure software designs, standards and coding are robust in the face of ever increasing attacks on software applications.

TEAM Academy™ is our secure software education solution, which combines:

  • e-Learning software that will train your developers in application security best practices
  • A comprehensive knowledge base that will ensure your developers receive appropriate security guidance while designing or coding applications, without leaving their environment

A Quick Overview

Trusted by 2,000,000+ Users Worldwide

When implemented, TEAM Academy establishes security standards within your development team(s), allowing you to confidently manage application risk, and balance development speed with security realities. 

Development teams that use TEAM Academy are better at finding deep-rooted vulnerabilities, remediating them, and preventing future security breaches.

Integrated with your development environment

The solution integrates with your team's tools, providing developers with the guidance they need to embed security into the applications they are building, at the beginning of the software development lifecycle. This accelerates time to market and dramatically reduces the huge costs associated with vulnerability remediation later in the process.

Tailored to Developers

With 120+ courses, TEAM Professor™ provides security and development teams with computer-based training that encompasses the latest industry best practices, customised for individual roles and specialisms.

Compliance With The Latest Security Standards

Our dynamic curriculum will help you comply with the latest security standards that mandate training in secure development and the use of secure coding best practices.

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    6 Steps to create an AppSec Training Program

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