Managed application Security Testing


The turn-key solution which ensures that the level of security testing and costs remain commensurate with your enterprise application risk profiles.

Benefits include:

  • Predictability of cost, scheduling and test coverage
  • Facilitates the planning and execution of your medium and long-term application security program initiatives
  • Decreased cost – 20% to 30% reduction in cost over stand-alone testing services
  • Iterative testing ensures problems are caught before they propagate
  • Dedicated Project Manager to facilitate reporting, scheduling, and remediation assistance
  • Easily change application criticality/tier or test frequency (monthly, quarterly or annually)
  • Use reports for compliance purposes or integrate into a defect tracking or GRC system
  • Integrates with TEAM Academy training platform
  • Detailed vulnerability information provides ongoing developer training
  • Technology and platform-specific remediation guidance reduces time-to- fix