The Business Case

For security in the software development lifecycle

The later in the SDLC that vulnerabilities are found, the more they cost your organisation.

Find out how the right training for your developers can reduce the impact of vulnerabilities on your organisation. This free report highlights the importance of security in the SDLC, and explains how Security Innovation Europe's products and services can help.

In this report, you will learn:

  • How Microsoft went from having 30% of its product teams trained on the Secure Development Lifecycle, to 70% (over 3,000 users)
  • How cost/time to fix vulnerabilities grows exponentially during the SDLC
  • How one bad design choice can lead to hundreds of security bugs
  • How even minimum best practice adoption can reduce security risk

This report is perfect for:

  • Developers concerned about security within their organisation
  • Development team managers that wish to reduce vulnerabilities in their team's software to increase efficiency
  • The C-Suite, directors and department heads concerned about the impact software vulnerabilities could have on their company's expenses, reputation and revenue

After reading the report you will have a thorough understanding of why it's important to stop vulnerabilities early in the SDLC, and how Security Innovation Europe can help you to achieve that goal.