How to Achieve Organisation Wide Security Awareness

Most people recognise that security is a problem in the digital age we live in. Your employees are reading the news, and learning about the latest exploits.

A decent proportion of your employees will be concerned about security, too. They recognise that security is a problem -- but that's very different to knowing what to do to reduce the risk. Security awareness is all about not just making employees aware risks exist, but aware of what they need to be doing to minimise them.

But how can that awareness be made organisation-wide?

Regular Awareness Training

The most important part of generating security awareness is ensuring that employees receive regular training. It's not enough to put employees through a one off "set it and forget it" course, and hope that they'll retain everything they were taught.

As time passes by, employee standards will slip, and training will be required again. The more regularly employees are reminded of security issues, and what they can do to minimise their risk, the more knowledge they will retain, and the more secure your organisation will be.

An excellent solution to security awareness training is using software, rather than in-person classes. The software can be used by employees at any time, minimising impact on productivity and eliminating the need to take large proportions of the workforce out of work for a period of time to complete training.

Prioritisation at The Top

In order for security awareness to be taken seriously by employees, it needs to be given priority at the top. Senior executives need to be committed to security awareness, and clearly demonstrate its importance. That means adhering to security best practices themselves, and developing policies which enforce them.

If senior management are seen to not be concerned with security themselves, other employees will also trivialise security issues -- leading to security awareness being treated as a box ticking exercise, rather than something that employees make a deliberate effort to integrate into their daily work. Expert Assistance

Sometimes internal resources aren't enough to develop a security awareness strategy that works. If your security awareness program isn't working then it's important to hire expert help to develop a strategy for your organisation.

That means hiring security professionals who have rolled out successful awareness programs across organisations, and giving them the resources and access they need to do the same for you. It also means understanding that hiring professionals to develop and implement your security awareness strategy isn't a one-stop job. You will need professional help on a regular basis to optimise its performance and monitor ongoing compliance, too.

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