Data Security

Effective security awareness curriculum

Posted in Security Awareness on Aug 15, 2018

Covering 8 essential components of an effective security awareness curriculum is the vital first step in improving your security.

How to Ensure Agile Application Security

Posted in Security Management, Strategy on Aug 15, 2018

The agile methodology has transformed the world of software development. However, as with any revolutionary change, new benefits are often tempered by new risks.

Simplifying Your Application Security

Posted in Data Security, Implementing Security on Aug 08, 2018

Your organisation has two main considerations: the applications you develop, and the applications you use.

The Impact of BYOD on Organisation Security

Posted in Security Awareness, Strategy on Aug 07, 2018

Do you login to your business email account on your personal mobile? Do work on a personal laptop? Access company software from your tablet?

Improve Social Media Security

Posted in Data Security, Security Awareness on Aug 01, 2018

As we change the way we work, social media security is growing in importance. To help your organisation tackle the issue of social media security, we've outlined five things you can do to improve it.

How to Roll Out Secure Software Development Training

Posted in Implementing Security, Strategy on Jul 25, 2018

In today's incredibly competitive software environment, developers are under immense pressure to create the latest functionality rich applications, on time, and on budget.

Information Security Mistakes Employees Make

Posted in Security Awareness on Jul 18, 2018

Not all security breaches happen because of malicious intent. Some of the most common security issues are caused by bad habits ingrained in employees’ day-to-day routines. Thankfully, these potential threats and vulnerabilities are possible to reduce.

Conducting a Secure Code Review

Posted in Implementing Security, Strategy, Testing on Jul 11, 2018

With new application security risks emerging all the time, it is vital that your dev team starts to make application security as much of a priority as functionality

Choosing secure software for your organisation

Posted in Security Awareness, Data Security Basics, Software on Jul 04, 2018

As well as directly affecting the productivity and efficiency of your entire team, your chosen software will also impact the security of your organisation’s critical data.

How secure code reduces the risk of inevitable attacks

Posted in Implementing Security, Security Awareness, Software Development on Jun 27, 2018

Attacks on your organisation are inevitable. You are at risk whether you're part of a small company.